Our sole focus is the acquisition and management of a single high-quality company.  We utilize a thesis-based investment process to create attractive investment themes and proactively seek out acquisition targets that we believe would benefit from a partnership with us.  We are concentrated on business services and SaaS-based businesses and are looking to make a control investment in a privately-held company with annual revenues of $5 to $50 million or SaaS businesses with at least $3M ARR.

Golden Eagle is focused on the following criteria:

Investment Size

Golden Eagle is looking to make a control investment in a privately-held company with annual revenues of $5 to $50 million.

  • Annual Revenue of $5-50M

  • Enterprise Value of $10-50M

Business & Industry Attributes

Golden Eagle takes a disciplined approach to identifying, acquiring, managing and ultimately exiting its operating businesses.  We have specific investment criteria that guide our investment decision making process.  

  • Large, growing, fragmented industry

  • Recurring / predictable revenue

  • 2+ years of revenue & EBITDA growth

  • Strong value proposition to customers

  • Ownership exiting business

  • High free cash flow conversion

  • Multiple avenues for growth

  • Solid middle management team

Management Transition Options

Every business transition is unique.  Our goal is to develop a transition that provides the best outcome for you, your employees, your partners and your customers.

  • Transition out of day-to-day operations

  • Focused role (e.g. sales)

  • Retain equity stake (we acquire 80-100%)

  • Need for experienced partners

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