Golden Eagle is a Unique Partner whose business model stands out from other investors.  Most investors own dozens of companies at the same time and do not provide adequate focus or attention to their partner companies.  We have decided to take a different approach.  At Golden Eagle, our sole focus is the acquisition and management of one niche, high-quality company.  

Our Unique Partnership model provides many advantages to business owners:

Flexible Transition Terms 

Tim plans to bring to this transaction the same level of flexibility that was exhibited when selling his father’s interests in the family business. 


Golden Eagle’s flexibility enables us to accommodate your unique objectives during the sale of your business. Whether it is timing, deal structure, tax planning, post-acquisition involvement, retaining a stake in the business, or a complete exit from the business, we will work with you to achieve your goals while ensuring minimal disruption.

Genuine Partnership & Business Continuity

Golden Eagle is structured to provide business owners with a comprehensive and straightforward succession plan.  Tim plans to take an operating role at the company – likely as CEO.  

Tim is committed to working with business owners to ensure that the company’s transition is seamless and causes little interruption to customers and employees. 

Experienced Investors & Operators

Tim has raised capital from an accomplished group of entrepreneurs, operators and investors who are ready to back Tim as the CEO and invest in a single high-quality company.